Greece the EU and a couple of personal points

A lot has been said and written about Greece and the situation here these past few months... This is just my own, personal view (however limited that may be).
This is not like my usual developer-related posts, but it's just some things that have been bugging me for quite some... Read More

How to use the customizer to customize your theme template files

A while back I was experimenting with a new concept for a theme where users would be able to customize the way their templates are structured. They would be able to select what elements they wanted active and in what order these would be.
This was just an experiment but... Read More

Why we switched from WPEngine to Pagely and how we did it

While I was in WordCamp Europe last weekend I met a lot of the WPEngine staff, we talked, we laughed, I think they're a great bunch of people! However, while I was there the whole political & economic status of my home country - Greece - took a turn for... Read More

How to remove the themes changer from the WordPress Customizer

The WordPress Customizer is not just for themes, it can also be used for plugins. I've seen for example a brilliant newsletters plugin that used the customizer for composing the actual emails, and the implementation was awesome. In cases like that, you may want to remove the WordPress Themes switcher... Read More

How to change the width of the customizer

Depending on your use-case, you may want to change the width of your customizer, thus having more real-estate to handle your custom controls and content. You can do that by adding some custom CSS.

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How to add a logo to the WordPress Customizer

Depending on your use-case, you may want to add a logo on the top pf the customizer, replacing the "preview" notice. Unfortunately there is no filter available yet to do that, but you can still do it using some simple jQuery.

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About people working on OpenSource projects

Our society & Western civilization in general is structured around transactions.

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Maera 1.2 released

I'm happy to announce that Maera version 1.2 has just been released.

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Improvements coming to the next version of Kirki

Kirki started a couple years ago as a way to simplify the use of the customizer and make it easier for people to add custom controls to their themes without having to reinvent the wheel every time they needed to.

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Writing dynamic CSS to file

Building WordPress themes we sometimes add options that users can edit and change to completely customize their themes.

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Kirki_Color: A PHP Color Calculations class

Yesterday I started working on a new series of posts about manipulating color in WordPress and PHP in general.

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Sanitizing a hex color value in PHP

Working with WordPress themes it's not unusual to have to manipulate colors is PHP. This is the first of a series of posts on working with color in WordPress and PHP in general.

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How to control content access using Easy Digital Downloads

I recently needed to control access to a certain page on my site using Easy Digital Downloads. My use-case was pretty specific: I have a support page on PressCodes where clients that have purchased a premium product can submit their question in a form. If a visitor has... Read More

How to change image quality in WordPress

WordPress by default compresses and optimizes images for web-use.

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I like Jetpack - You should too.

Jetpack is one of the most controversial WordPress plugins. It's one of the most well-known plugins, used by millions. However, there are those who just don't like it. We've all heard people say they don't use it 'cause it's bloated, it's full of things we don't really need and so... Read More

Why you should use twig for WordPress

WordPress is a great platform and it's as versatile as a platform can be. Proof of that is that it currently powers more than 23% of the internet as we know it. Historically though that has not always been the case and there's one thing that made WordPress stand out:... Read More

Tools for developing on WordPress

There are many tools and everyone has their favorites.

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Building WordPress themes using the Kirki Customizer

Building your own WordPress theme can be daunting and pretty complicated. Usually the process of building a WordPress theme follows these steps:

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Women in WordPress

Every now and then I stumble upon an article about Women in WordPress, Women in Drupal or Women in another community.
Every time, I read the same things: "There are not enough women in community X", "Where are the women in X?", and so on.
Then, every single article I... Read More

Optimizing dynamically-generated CSS in WordPress

When building a WordPress theme (or plugin) we sometimes need to generate some styles based on the user options, and then add these styles to the <head>.

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Remotely installing plugins from an EDD site


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the Bootstrap-Admin theme is now available for adoption

A few years ago I created a free WordPress plugin that was adding the necessary CSS & JS to the WordPress dashboard to make it cleaner. It was a pretty simple plugin... and it knew great success! So far it has been downloaded more than 23000 times from the Read More

How to hide PHP Warnings and Notices in WordPress

From time to time a user comes to me and says "I see some PHP notices and warnings on my page".

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How to change the wording of WordPress plugins and themes

One of the most frequent questions I get is "How do I change the Wording of a plugin and/or theme?"

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Should we include plugins in the Maera theme?

This blog post is going to be a little different than my previous ones...
This one is more of a question.

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The Headers already sent by issue

On the support forums I work it's not uncommon to see an PHP error like this: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by....

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Shift your perspective

As humans we grow. We change perspectives and see things differently.
We keep learning new things and strive to improve ourselves.
This also applies to the code we write: We keep improving the code we write on a daily basis and improve the things we have already built.

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My mistakes and thoughts on building a WordPress shop

I've been using WordPress for a decade, but only started working with it about 5 years ago. I started as a freelancer and about 2 or 3 years ago, I had a very clear idea of what exists, what doesn’t, what tools I needed to build better websites and so... Read More

How to restrict access to the WordPress Admin

Sometimes when you build a WordPress multisite installation that will be accessible by many people, you want to restrict access to certain areas of your site. The reasons behind such a decision may vary: Some want to simply make it easier for their clients to navigate the dashboard by removing... Read More

Modifying the WordPress Customizer

The WordPress Customizer was first introduced in WordPress 3.7 and provides an easy way for themers and plugins developers to allow users to change their settings while at the same time they can see the effects of these changes in real-time on a preview screen.

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Caching the WordPress Customizer

A lot of themes use the WordPress customizer to generate additional CSS. That CSS is then usually simply echoed to the <head> of the page.

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